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Mangaldeep Temple Yagna Gold Tradition Agarbatti 16 Sticks

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Bring home the divine essence of Temple Yagna. Mangaldeep Temple helps you bring the divinity of temple which is considered as the most sacred at your home. Enhance your devotional puja experience with superior agarbattis premium quality agarbattis Divinity of temple

How to Use

  • Hold the Agarbatti at the uncovered end of the stick and light the other end using a matchstick
  • Hold the flame for sometime until the stick ignites
  • If you see a glowing amber, then the incense stick is burning properly. If you do not see anything, and the tip looks ashy, then you will need to relight the stick.
  • If the agarbatti is still burning even after seeing the amber then gently blow out the flame
  • Keep the burning stick away from flammable materials


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